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Hoverball allows you to bring out your inner Robin Hood with this archery challenge inflatable. The unit uses air cones to float balls on a cushion of air, guest will use user-friendly bow and shoot special arrows at the floating balls to knock them down. Once you hit the ball it falls down into the catch basin.
Kids from age 6 and up will enjoy this unique interactive game.

$199.99 - 24 hrs

Training is provided when a unit is picked up.

Add a trained archery technician to supervise the event for $30 per hour (subject to availability)

$79.99 - 1 hr

Includes: Delivery and trained archery technician.

We will arrive 15 min before event. (Available ONLY within 20 miles of Prairie Archery and subject to availability)

$50.00 deposit, Non-refundable due when booked, balance due when unit is picked up or delivered.


2 Bows

8 Safety Arrows

8 Balls (4 small & 4 large)

Inflatable Shooting Range

1 Blower

POWER REQUIREMENT: Single 110 V Electrical outlet

DIMENSIONS: 10 ft x 8 ft x 4.5 ft    

Call 218-338-6030

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