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Meet the Team



Owner/Master Bow Technician

This is the man behind it all. He is our Supreme Bow Master Technician and he has learned his craft well. Jon knows his stuff and can tell you a good story or two about some great hunting trips he has been on while is works on your bow. He is an awesome instruction for both old or young people, experienced or just starting out. He is a Master at fixing a crossbow and was granted Tenpoint Crossbow Warranty Center in MN.



Owner/Apprentice Bow Technician

This is Jon's daughter and she does it all.  You will find Susan working on orders, pricing product and taking care of all the online stuff like facebook and the website.  She is a certified PSE Bow Technician but is also a master bow technician for all brands that come in the store.  Plus, she is a Supreme Master at fletching & re-fletching arrows.



Second Hand to Susan

Sheila is the delightful voice you hear when you call in.  She works on orders, pricing product in-store and manages our eBay store and shipping section.  She is a master at fletching & re-fletching arrows.



Seasonal Technician

Carl is our man for all vending fairs and kid events.  He is a Master Pro Crossbow Technician and Customer relations PRO. And has a wicked laugh that he uses every Halloween for Henning MN haunted house event.

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