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Thirty-three years and counting…

It all started at a local auction when a local business closed and there was an archery section being sold. Jon bought the whole section including their bow press, arrow-making table, and all the tools. 

Jon currently owned a business Parkers Auto Body, which he had a small back room available to house his new hobby. He started helping friends with their bows and then on weekends everyone would come up and shoot inside the body shop. If you asked Jon now, he would tell you that the back of the shop still shows signs of the men that missed the target.


What started out as a means to keep the local archers together and still shooting by fixing arrows and adjusting their bows became a business now called Prairie Archery, which opened in the early 1990s with the mission to provide local expertise in archery.


The business had grown over the years and when he had fifteen guys trying to fix it into a room the size of a small bedroom, he knew he needed to move to a larger area. Luckily, he had just the location just north of the Body Shop, which he still owns, that build did have an upgrade about 7 years ago but we are now working with a 2990 sq. ft building. We can now shoot 20 yards inside but we also have reinforced walls so if someone misses the target they break an arrow, and not our wall. 

Prairie Archery has since become a family business, with Father and Daughter team, Jon and Susan Lammle. Susan worked at the archery on and off from when the doors first opened fletching and refletching arrows as she would say thousands of arrows in 2008 started working full time and in 2016 became Jon’s business partner.

Over the years Susan has continued to make changes in the Archery and with every change, it was always to make it easier and smoother for the workers and for the customers to enjoy the experience in the shop.

Over the years Jon has taught Susan how to tune bows, she has also completed a Bow Tuning Class through PSE archery and is now one of the best bow techs in the area.


Jon and Susan (Father-Daughter Team)-Prairie Archery


We are proud to say we work on ALL bow brands and models new and old. We are a full pro archery shop that can tune-up, paper test, and help you sight in, give instruction, help with shooting techniques and bow set-up if you need an accessory for a bow we have it and if we don’t we will do everything to get it for you. And if you can’t come to visit us in person we now have an online store with a huge selection that is available to purchase even when you are in your pj’s.

We are happy to help with any questions you may have and want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for choosing us here at Prairie Archery!

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