About US

Here at Prairie Archery, archery is our passion and we pride ourselves on great customer service, because after all the customers are the reason we have been doing what we love for so long. We believe that anyone - kids, women, and men - can enjoy the sport of archery and we will always go above and beyond to make sure you leave our store feeling confident in your equipment and happy with our service.


We work on ALL bow brands and models new and old and we guarantee all the work we do! We can do anything you can imagine that has to do with archery...tune up, paper tune, sight in, shooting techniques, set-up, if you need an accessory for a bow we have it and if we don’t we will get it for you. And if you can’t come to us for the products we have a huge selection that is available to purchase online.

We are happy to help with any questions you my have and want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for choosing us here at Prairie Archery!

Jon and Susan (Father-Daughter Team)-Prairie Archery



BACK STORY WHEN IT ALL STARTED: Jon bought a bow press and arrow making table at auction from a local business that had a very small archery section. He put it into his back room in his Auto Body Shop and starting helping friends with their bows and on weekends everyone would come up and shoot inside the shop.  He would tell you now that the back of the shop still shows signs of the men that missed the target.  The hobby became a business when 15 guys tried to fit into a room the size of a small bedroom.  Now we are just north of the Auto Body Shop that he still owns, but are now working with 2990 sq ft building, We can shoot 20 yards inside but have reinforced walls so if someone misses the target they break an arrow.  

Meet the STAFF

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JON LAMMLE - Owner/Master Bow Technician

This is the man behind it all. He is our Supreme Bow Master Technician and he has learned his craft well. Jon knows his stuff and can tell you a good story or two about some great hunting trips he has been on while is works on your bow. He is an awesome instruction for both old or young people, experienced or just starting out. He is a Master at fixing a crossbow and was granted Tenpoint Crossbow Warranty Center in MN.

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SUSAN LAMMLE - Owner/Apprentice Bow Technician

This is Jon's daughter and she does it all.  You will find Susan working on orders, pricing product and taking care of all the online stuff like facebook and the website.  She is a certified PSE Bow Technician but is also a master bow technician for all brands that come in the store.  Plus, she is a Supreme Master at fletching & re-fletching arrows.

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SHEILA THIEL - Second Hand to Susan

Sheila is the delightful voice you hear when you call in.  She works on orders, pricing product in-store and manages our eBay store and shipping section.  She is a master at fletching & re-fletching arrows.

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CARL COBORN - Seasonal Technician

Carl is our man for all vending fairs and kid events.  He is a Master Pro Crossbow Technician and Customer relations PRO. And has a wicked laugh that he uses every Halloween for Henning MN haunted house event.